Musings from the Dragon’s Back

I’m Carl, Willow to my friends on the road. I ride a 2001 Honda Valkyrie Standard. It’s my primary means of transportation. I do also, these days, own a somewhat abbreviated Honda Valkyrie Interstate. I ride from home to where I work as often as opportunity allows. It’s a 120 mile round trip which I often tell people is the main reason I still work where I do. Depending on which of the several routes I choose, my path takes me through rural farmland, sixty-five mile per hour two lane, some suburban streets, and a stretch of high speed interstate toll road.

I ride, as often as the opportunities allow, to various parts of the country (USA) with my wife, Lori (Motomama). Lori rides her own Valkyrie Standard.

I have not adopted the habit of riding to the accompaniment of music or radio. I listen to the sounds of the world through which I roll and let the thoughts, sometimes rather random thoughts, bounce around the inside of my cranium as they will. What follows on these pages is largely the product of those bouncing, rambling thoughts. Much of what follows is fiction. That could be a bit misleading as almost all fiction is based in some way or to some degree on an element of the real world and real life experiences. I will tell you honestly that the fictional portions of the works that follow range between ninety-nine and six percent.

We, riders of the Valkyrie, refer to our bikes as dragons, or, in the singular, the Dragon. It stems as near as I can tell from a remark defining a dragon as a legendary beast of great size, beauty and power that flies. I’m sure you can make the connection then to the title of this collection of mental meanderings.

I hope you’ll enjoy experiencing a small part of my world through the pages that follow. If you like what you read please tell a friend. If you don’t like what you read, or have no friend, well, I’m glad you stopped by anyway.

Be safe and hopefully I’ll see you somewhere down the road.

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