He’s Not the Man

“He’s not the man I married.”  Lori Beth would often express to friends and relatives that much had changed in me since the experience of the brain injury.  The injury itself had healed some time back, at least as much as it was going to, but I had retained some behaviors and values that were brought about by going through the experience of the injury and healing.

One evening we were sharing with one another when the topic came up. “You know, Lori, you’re right.  I’m not the man you married.  The man you married died that day out on the pavement but you weren’t ready.  I was sent to fill in what was lacking in you to be prepared for the departure.  I was given his body, his mind, and some of his memories.  I don’t fully know what I was sent to do but it was something that you deeply needed.  When I do whatever it was that you required my work here is done.  My job is over.  My reason to be here will have been completed.  With that in mind I’m sure you’ll agree that it will be a better thing if you get up and get your own glass of water tonight.”               

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