Again… by Bruce Wood (DDT)

I’ve done it again… I’ve been out here wandering around trying to visit southern Utah, but stuff keeps coming up. I left Clovis and rode north through Las Vegas, NM, up to Taos, then over to Farmington, and there I hunkered down for two nights. Rain was again forecast to pass over me there and over my proposed route the following day… and that’s not all…

Winter precip was forecast in the higher elevations for late this week and the weekend in southern Utah!  Not a biggie, really, as I could just reverse the route ‘circle’ and amend the itinerary to have us visit Kingman, AZ, first. Good idea, but… it left me with a few days to kill between then and clear skies over the land of men with multiple wives… Man, I’m sure glad such a ‘calling’ never came my way!!!

This morning, as I was fine-tuning my route and timing, a wild hair sort of notion popped into my thinker muscle… Why not rent a cabin again? I really enjoyed my brief stay at another cabin in Idaho early last Fall, so the idea does hold a certain amount of charm and appeal to this usually mobile trekker.

I checked out availability in the areas I’d be touring, and there it was… what appeared to be the perfect spot for me to hole-up for a few days… A base-camp from which I could ride around to the various National Parks and do some serious site-seeing. It comes with a gas grill, too, so I can practice grilling steaks while I’m at it. I signed up for five days…

So, this is Thursday, and I don’t have to be at the cabin until next Tuesday, May 2nd. I’m presently in Payson, AZ, so definitely not a four-day ride lies ahead… I was just through here a month or two ago, so not much ‘exploring’ for me to do… No worries, though… I’ll come up with something.

The current flex-plan calls for us to ride to Kingman tomorrow… or the next day if we don’t make it all the way there… Since we won’t be in any hurry, I’ll be scoping out the areas we’ll pass through for anything that might signal ‘adventure opportunity’, so… Could be some ‘bar happenings’ beyond those of the handlebar variety…

From Kingman, I’m thinking we’ll just scoot through Las Vegas, NV, and up to St. George, UT. I’ll spend probably two nights there, and visit Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP at that time. Once at the cabin, we’ll only be ten miles from Capitol Reef NP, and a day’s ride from Canyonlands NP… This won’t be our first time through there, though, so all those places to visit are on the ‘possibilities list’, but who knows… I may just hang-out at the cabin a lot… and attempt to hone my steak grilling skills… Lord knows, I could seriously use the practice!!!

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